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Protein information browser, downloader and explorer.

ProtMoid is a convenient frontend to several online protein databases, a simple way to view related records and a launchpad for finding out more.

There are two release types of ProtMoid: ProtMoid AGPLv3 and ProtMoid Pro
ProtMoid AGPLv3 ProtMoid Pro
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ProtMoid currently supports UniProt, wwPDB and ArachnoServer, and link-outs to several other biological databases. And unlike the web frontends for most of these databases, it was designed with mobile devices in mind.

ProtMoid AGPLv3 is released under the AGPLv3, a licence designed to protect your freeedom. It is provided to users 'as is', without any level of guaranteed support. ProtMoid AGPLv3 may accept copyleft third-party contributions without requiring copyright assignment or separate licencing agreements. It also happens to be available at no cost.

ProtMoid Pro is commercial software, available for purchase from the author or authorised distributors. ProtMoid Pro has greater feature testing before releases, is stricter with external code contributions and is suitable for users who object to the AGPLv3, or wish to obtain ProtMoid through distribution channels that do not allow AGPLv3 software.