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Launch OpenGL applications with (or without) your secondary graphics card.

PRIMElaunch allows PRIME-enabled devices and desktops to run OpenGL applications with their choice of graphics card.

PRIMElaunch PRIMElaunch-gnome PRIMElaunch-e17
Download for KDE Plasma Download for GNOME Shell Coming soon

Your device will need recent enough Xorg, mesa and Linux kernel versions for PRIMElaunch to work. For a (now dated) description of PRIME by its main developer, see

PRIMElaunch is released under the AGPLv3, a licence designed to protect your freeedom. It is provided to users 'as is', without any level of guaranteed support. ProtMoid AGPLv3 may accept copyleft third-party contributions without requiring copyright assignment or separate licencing agreements. It also happens to be available at no cost.